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". . . What brings me satisfaction
 and fills my highest need
is the struggle I’m involved in
on my journey to succeed."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

From "My Journey to Succeed"
George Warsaw © 2000

Talking Therapy

What happens when two popular radio personalities discover they share the same shrink? Love 860’s Stephanie Palermo (“The Just Steph Show”) and WSB’s Tim Andrews (“The Von Haessler Doctrine”) discuss the benefits of psychotherapy and their favorite therapist, Dr. George Warsaw. Listen in.

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Quick Tips to Improve Your Life and Relationships

Could you use some advice for relieving stress, communicating with your teen, boosting your brain power or managing conflict with your partner? Look no further.

Your Next Step

Whether you're an executive dealing with adversity or a couple in a dysfunctional relationship, it can be hard to know which way to turn. 

Depression can drag you down. Anxiety can immobilize you. The fear of failure can paralyze you. Confronted with your inadequacies, you may develop unhealthy habits, such as smoking, overeating, or negative thinking. 

I want to assure you there is a path out of the darkness. Even when the path is long and difficult, there is hope and help.

In my 20-plus years as a psychotherapist, I have helped many individuals and couples find the path to better choices. Working with me is your next step on your journey. Give me a call, 404-256-0244.

What people are saying about 
Dr. Warsaw. . .

"We live once and therapy can help make it count! I highly recommend Dr. George Warsaw!"

"Within just a few sessions, I feel that my life has completely turned around and I owe it all to Dr. Warsaw."

"Dr. Warsaw is a huge reason why our marriage has been saved!!!"

"He is highly intelligent and thorough, compassionate and amazingly intuitive. He's wonderful. "

"Thanks to Dr. Warsaw, we have a new perspective in our marriage and are excited to share the future with each other!”

“Dr. Warsaw ‘gets’ me. I've had a hard time finding someone who understands me, but Dr. Warsaw does.”

"I have gained so much knowledge from Dr. Warsaw and he has given me such valuable tools to cope and live with some of my fears and stresses. I continue to grow each time I have a visit with him."

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