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Dr. George R. Warsaw, Ph.D., Psychotherapist

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He's the best... 
Dr. Warsaw is amazing. He is experienced, perceptive, compassionate and truly cares about his patients' happiness. He has helped me become far more self aware and after just a few months of therapy, has affected my life in meaningful and profound ways. His insights always seem to be spot on and I feel lucky to have found him. I'm very thankful to have Dr. Warsaw in my corner, and would recommend him to anyone that needs help getting things back on track. aappleton

Sharpest Shrink
Dr. Warsaw is an experienced and accomplished therapist who is sensitive, caring, insightful and personable. As a patient who has been journeying toward wholeness for 14 years, I have been slowly peeling the onion back with various therapists. Without revisiting the past, Dr. Warsaw got my personality, my situation and encouraged me to face my fears. He raised my confidence to a new level. I owe him a world of thanks and I highly recommend George Warsaw, PhD.stephoconnell

I know Dr. Warsaw to be a most compassionate and insightful psychologist who has helped me and many of my referred patents find peace of mind. He can be trusted with absolute confidence to support his clients' most intimate concerns. He is a highly regarded professional who is recommended without reservation. Bronkdoc

Good Listener and Questioner
He has been a great listening post to things that have been causing me stress. He asks questions that are both insightful and challenging. This process has been therapeutic and I intend to return for many more sessions. wesfloyd

Dr. Warsaw helped us clarify our goals as a couple. We were able to move past our old issues. Thanks to Dr. Warsaw, we have a new perspective in our marriage and are excited to share the future with each other! marigold133

Dr. Warsaw is my guru as I face the challenges in life - my sherpa as I scale the tallest mountains. He is the most calming influence in my life, and he helps me find balance in a hectic world. I've seen a number of therapists, and he is the only one with which I've felt this connection. BalanceSeeker

The best we have found after a long search
Dr. Warsaw is a rare find; our entire family has benefited from his advice. He has a practical approach and listens very carefully to our concerns. It is obvious that he is a very caring individual; he is a thoughtful counselor who seeks to understand a problem from all angles and then find a pragmatic solution or strategy for dealing with the issues involved. tjroberts

A strong guide through difficult times
Dr Warsaw's guidance was just what I needed to help get through a difficut time in my life. He provided me with skills to use in my everyday life to manage stress, communicate openly & honestly and how to handle loss.  trinole

Changed my life
Dr. Warsaw is kind, insightful, empathic, brilliant. He has helped me enrich my life in countless ways. Knurdboy

Phenomenal therapist
Dr Warsaw is the most caring, insightful therapist I've ever met with or heard about. He consistently provides feedback that is useful and doesn't make you wait through several sessions to share his knowledge. He wants to help you right away, not let you get there on your own after 10+ sessions. His suggestions are wonderful/helpful and his knowledge is incredible. I've thoroughly enjoyed meeting with him and feel he's made a huge difference for me. Burton70

This guy really cares
I've met with many counselors, therapists, and psychologists in the past. Dr Warsaw is a step above all of them. This is a guy who really cares about your well being. He's very well rounded in his approach and seems to understand how to solve real problems. I consider him my life coach. bird33

He is a genius
Honestly, I think he is a genius. He has an incredible ability to make you see different possibilities in life. His wisdom and compassion creates an environment where all that is dark and painful can be transformed into a new beginning. I am so grateful that I had an opportunity to meet him. My life has changed for the better because of his work. From all my heart, Thank You! Lyudmyla

Amazingly Insightful
Intuitive, compassionate, comfortable, challenging, friendly, humorous, super-intelligent. In just a few visits Dr. Warsaw has been a tremendous help to me as I navigate my complex life. CoreyW

The Best of the Best
George Warsaw has been one of the most influential people in my life. His skill, patience and caring have enabled me to climb montains considered impossible by many (including me). To a significant degree, the quality of my life despite my long standing battle with despression, is attributable to his efforts. Could not have come so far without him. Enlighten

Dr. Warsaw is WONDERFUL!
Dr. Warsaw is kind, thoughtful, empathetic, and very easy to work with. He is incredibly smart, and he remembers everything. He also speaks with you, rather than just allowing you to keep talking the whole time. I think he's the BEST. scarlson27

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George R. Warsaw, PhD
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